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Societal engagement

CS GROUP, a responsible company

Social engagement


At CS GROUP, diversity is a source of strength: in human terms first of all, but also in creative terms thanks to the way we share our practices and methods. This is a genuine added value to which we committed in 2004 when we signed the Corporate Diversity Charter.

Through concrete initiatives we fight discrimination and promote equal opportunities, equal access to work and knowledge sharing.


In 2019, CS GROUP scored 86/100 on the gender parity index.

This comprises five major criteria that are used to assess gender inequalities in companies:


Criteria 1: Gap between average pay of men and women.
Criteria 2: Comparison of percentage of women and men given pay raises.
Criteria 3: Comparison of percentage of women and men given promotions.
Criteria 4: Percentage of women who were given a raise when they returned from maternity or adoption leave.
Criteria 5: Number of women in 10 top earners bracket.

Training means investing in the future

At CS GROUP, training is essential to allow our employees to evolve and move forward in a rapidly changing world. With this in mind, we provided our staff with over 20,000 hours of training in 2019. CS GROUP also makes available specific tools and programs that allow employees to learn at their own pace, perfecting their existing skills or acquiring new ones.

Environmental engagement


CS GROUP has joined the Planet Tech’Care community. .

Aware of the crucial importance of ecological transition and eager to play and active part in it, we at CS GROUP are committed to measuring and reducing the environmental impacts of our products and services.

Societal engagement


CS GROUP reaches out to students

Our experts give classes on the state of the art in schools and universities.
CS GROUP is a partner of the Centrale-Supélec school, and we also work closely with Ipsa, Efrei, ENSEEIHT and Grenoble INP-Phelma.

The CS GROUP Hackathon

Since 2017 we have sponsored the nationwide event La Nuit de l’Info. Every year our experts submit a problem relating to our activity to the participants of this serious game, who spend an entire night together working on a solution.

Sparking new vocations

Our commitment to the association “Elles bougent” is embodied in our network of sponsors who are eager to spark interest in exciting careers in engineering and technology among young women studying at high school and university.

I chose to be a sponsor because I want to help promote scientific and technological professions among young people, especially girls, and to encourage them to turn towards these exciting careers

Aurélia P.Sponsor "Elles bougent" for the past 2 years.

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