CS contributed to the “cold” tests of the EPR in Flamanville

At the beginning of January 2018, EDF announced that it had successfully completed the so-called “cold” tests to verify the operation of the circuits of the Flamanville EPR nuclear facility. This first phase, launched last December, validated the tightness of the reactor’s primary circuit at a pressure of more than 240 bars, higher than it will be when the circuit is in service.

Since 2011, CS has been working alongside teams from EDF CNEN to build and deploy the Industrial Information System (IIS) infrastructure for this first third-generation pressurized reactor. Within this framework, CS has deployed a secure infrastructure, enabling real-time links between control and command and industrial applications, and implemented the level 3 supervision and access control centre.

To carry out these tests, CS teams were mobilized to :

  • ensure the commissioning of this infrastructure and integrate 2 sensitive applications,
    • ORLI (Opening of the RLI): acquisition of the operating data of the unit, long-term archiving and making it available to the operators and experts.
    • PSAD (Monitoring and Diagnostic Assistance Station): monitoring of vibrations of “large component” rotating machines (turbine, primary pump, etc.).
  • ensure the availability and integrity of the service and data during this period.

A player committed to digital transformation for the benefit of the nuclear industry, and in particular new nuclear power, CS is particularly active in the fields of industrial IT and secure systems, combining operational safety, cybersecurity and digital continuity. We are delighted to have accompanied the EDF CNEN teams during this first stage and remain mobilised for the success of the work to come. “, says Laurent FIORIO, Director of Development for CS’s Aeronautics & Energy sectors.