Meet CS GROUP at IDLS2022, November 8-10, 2022, at the Halifax Convention Center, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

This year, the military and civilian data link community will meet in Canada, in Halifax – Nova Scotia, from November 8 to 10. This is an opportunity to learn about and discuss the latest trends and developments in the industry.

IDLS 2022

The International Data Links Symposium has been held annually since 2001. It originated as a Tactical Data Link User’s group sponsored by the US Navy and US Air Force Link 16 program offices in in cooperation with the UK Ministry of Defence. As Link 16 proliferated, the symposium rapidly grew beyond scope of a program office sponsored conference and in 2004 the International Data Link Society (IDLS) was chartered as a non-profit organization to provide a forum for the Tactical Data Link (TDL) community and to facilitate the annual event. The symposium is held in various cities throughout the world to facilitate participation by the international community.

The society’s charter is:

  • To provide a Government-Industry forum to inform each other of accomplishments, trends and developments in military and civil data link technology
  • To further interoperability
  • To further the effectiveness of digital information exchange
  • To create a framework of co-operation across nations
  • To share lessons learned and best practices
  • The identification and promotion of key issues relating to the successful application of data links worldwide

The event is open to both government and industry personnel from the data link community.

It offers senior decision makers and procurement staff the opportunity to see the different solution available in the same room and enable them to compare them more readily.

It offers the operators the opportunity to see what new technology is being developed and allow them to give direct feedback to the organisations who have developed the systems.

Due to the technical nature of the symposium, the exhibition stand and the demonstration area of the show are manned by the technical experts as well as the marketing and sales teams.

Over the twenty plus years IDLS has been running, this has created an unique environment that enables improving interoperability across systems as well as countries.

CS GROUP will present its services and products in Tactical Data Links.

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