CS GROUP – Live 100% digital – Our success stories of the year, our 2022 projects, our 2024 Vision, not to mention our recruitment policy!

CS GROUP has created a new 100% digital live show to share with its employees the success stories of the year, the 2022 projects, our Vision 2024, without forgetting our recruitment policy!

More than 1,000 employees connected, everywhere in France, Germany, Canada, the US, but also in Romania, for this event which supports our “One CS GROUP” spirit and reinforces our 3 values “Commitment, Proximity, Innovation”.

Great prospects and actions underway in all our activities: Industry, Defense & Security, Space, Cybersecurity, Commerce and Human Resources!

Thanks to the speakers: Olivier SONNEVILLE, Marie de Saint Salvy, Chafic Hanna-Daher, Julien Voyron, Frederic Dussart, Stéphane HAVARD, Egidio Cau, Laurent VIDAL, Laurent Pieraut, MBA, Pierre FERRIERE, Amine Smires, MBA, Nicolas Barret, Sebastien Sancho, Sylvain DHOINE, Cosmin Cara, Francois-Xavier Laffont, Sébastien Barrot, Natacha TROUILLET and Anne-Lise Fournioux: for their enthusiasm and professionalism in taking CS GROUP further and further.

Again, a big thank you to Brainsonic for their welcome and their support in the organization of this event.