Maintenance training

Simulators and virtual trainers

Boost the technical skills of your teams

Training maintenance operatives is not only vital to the operational performance and life expectancy of systems, but also to ensure compliancy with regulatory requirements. Given the increasing complexity of systems and maintenance procedures and the need for highly qualified technicians, training resources need to be sophisticated in order to prepare them as effectively as possible.


Virtual Maintenance Trainers (VMTs) are the best way to learn and memorize technical skills. By making it possible to carry out operations on virtual equipment, they can reproduce all kinds of situations and provide effective training at reasonable cost and without risk to equipment or operators.

CS GROUP is a recognized player in the field of training simulator development, with systems used all over the world in the Armed Forces, aeronautics, transportation and industry.

The solutions are provided in versions to be used in the classroom, in autonomous stations that may or may not be connected to an LMS for distance learning, or in the form of full-scale simulators. They cover the entire training syllabus, from familiarization and theory to supervised practice leading to a qualification. A pioneer of Virtual and Augmented Reality, CS GROUP uses the latest technologies to offer highly representative immersive systems designed to promote long-term skills acquisition.

Inscape VTS

Inscape VTS (Virtual Training Suite) is CS GROUP’s flagship product for training system development. Thanks to its easy-to-use editor and ready-to-use software suite for learners and instructors, Inscape VTS significantly accelerates the development and rollout of training systems.

Inscape VTS revolutionizes the development of virtual training systems by putting the creation of training content within anyone’s reach. It is the preferred tool for experts in the field who want to develop their own interactive training systems.

Tried and tested in the field over a period of 10 years since it was first developed, this is a particularly robust, high-quality product: it is the development platform used by integrators and manufacturers to develop their own training systems.