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ExtremeXP is an EU-funded project with a duration of 36 months and a budget of €10.36M. ExtremeXP started in January 2023 and gathers 20 partners (coordinated by Αthena Research Canter) from 10 countries.

ExtremeXP proposes a new paradigm for data analytics, which we call experimentation-driven analytics. The main contribution is that it puts the end user at the center of complex analytics processes from data discovery to novel interactions, proposing a human-in-the-loop, experimentation approach for gaining knowledge and making decisions from data with varying and extreme characteristics. This way, it gradually builds up knowledge to associate users to complex analytics workflows that meet their needs.

The role of CS GROUP in the ExtremeXP project is to bring its technical expertise to design and develop the use case “Improvement of flash flood forecasting through the use of AI”. The use case consists of testing the feasibility of modeling floods using a neural network, and evaluating the sensitivity of the model to available data.

Website: https://extremexp.eu