The CS Group, a major player in the French air defence programme SCCOA (System for Command and Control of Aerospace Operations), has been selected by DGA for the “Full IP” migration of the ground-to-air radio communication system.

Contract worth more than €100m in total

The aerospace command and control system (SCCOA) is used to carry out the missions of surveillance and control of airspace, coordination of ground-to-air defence, preparation and conduct of air operations on national territory as well as in external operations. It comprises a set of sensors (radars), operations centres and communications resources forming a highly automated network that is interoperable with allies (NATO). The systems developed are compatible with civil air traffic systems and contribute to the Permanent Security Posture (PPS).

The CS Group is a major player in this major programme and is responsible for the deployment and maintenance in operational and safety conditions of the control centres (approaches and towers) of the air force bases (CLA), the ground-to-air radio communication system (SRSA), as well as the radio communications of the military coordination and control centres (CMCC).

As part of the SRSA project, CS deployed 3 operations centres and 30 radio centres, constituting a secure and redundant communications infrastructure for optimal security of air defence operations throughout metropolitan France. As a continuation of this project, CS has just been selected to ensure the complete migration of this infrastructure to a “full IP” architecture for both data and voice transmission, which will be interconnected to the Descartes network of the French Ministry of Armed Forces.

Based on the implementation of CS’s range of radiocommunication products (CSoIP), SRSA enables the pooling of resources of radio centres across the territory. Modular and interoperable, it has the capacity to integrate tactical data links at low and medium altitudes, complementary to NATO’s high-altitude capabilities, thus providing total visibility over the national territory.

Migration to this new infrastructure, which will be carried out while maintaining SRSA’s operational capabilities, will begin in mid-2022, with a view to being fully operational throughout national territory by 2025.
“CS has been supporting the DGA and the Ministry of the Armed Forces for many years on the SCCOA programme and is proud to contribute to the major evolution of this secure infrastructure, which guarantees the proper functioning of communications for air traffic and air defence operations. “says Didier GARDET, Director of Defence, Security and ATM activities at CS.

CS is a major player in the design, integration and operation of critical systems. As a privileged partner of the Defense and Security, Space, Aeronautics and Energy sectors, CS offers innovative solutions in the fields of cybersecurity, industrial and embedded security systems, digital continuity and crisis management and area surveillance. CS is listed on Euronext Paris – Compartment C (Shares: Euroclear 7896 / ISIN FR 0007317813).

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