CS GROUP announces the release 2.1 of its Sim@CS, simulator for Air Traffic Controllers trainings.

Sim@CS provides advanced features allowing ANSPs to improve their operations and save efforts, like traffic sequencing with real-time pre-view and automatic assistance, the « Do it once » feature. The high time accuracy allows high-density arrival and departure simulation. The automatic flight plan generation largely facilitates the trainings design.

That new release reinforces the ANSP efficiency with:

  • Adverse weather situations ATCOs trainings with fine weather models and simulated sensors,
  • The “One clic” pseudo-pilot drastically increasing the aircrafts management capacity by pilot, with a smart pilot assistance and a strip base pilotage,
  • Parallel trainings optimizing CAPEX and OPEX,
  • Multiple search and filter tools facilitating trainings design.
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Combining expertise in the field of simulation with extensive knowledge of civil and military contexts, CS GROUP guides its clients towards ever more innovative immersive and sustainable training solutions for safe operations.