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Managed services

A range of services for your specific needs

For over 5 years, our managed services have dealt with increased cyber-insecurity and a growing number of SOC projects among our clients.

In parallel, the ever-present regulatory minefield, combined with a lack of Cyber-talents in the field, encourages an outsourced and mutualized approach.

CS Novidy’s has a mutualized service center (MUVIS) offering a range of services that respond to our clients’ specific needs.

The logical and natural continuation of our sales and integration services, this is a way of guaranteeting that CS Novidy’s will be able to provide expertise and consultancy in the long term.

It is also an opportunity to transform technical and functional needs into close, enriching collaboration while offering the following advantages:

  • not taking infrastructure away from clients,
  • being organized and responsive in order to manage true crises,
  • adapting to the client (organization/technology),
  • making complex technologies simple.

Our aim is to avoid restricting our clients’ movements with generic industrial products and instead to offer local, modular, adaptive solutions operated by experts who are fully aware of their responsibilities.

Outsourcing isn’t about size, it’s about individuals!

MUVIS, a granular offering:

  • Operational maintenance includes services such as preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, support and hotline advice,
  • The Network Operations Center (NOC) groups together all our offerings aimed at enhancing the administration capacities of your teams with operational and supervision services,
  • The Security Operations Center (SOC) constantly monitors your activity in order to detect faults and suspicious activities and to help you to keep your IS secure and cope with the latest threats.

We even go further, offering our clients XOC (merging SOC and NOC). We believe that it is not a good idea to separate NOC and SOC services, for several reasons:

  • CS Novidy’s wants to offer a new approach based on its experience, client feedback and its knowledge of the evolutions of Cyber risks,
  • A fundamentally Business Centric approach, with analysis of systematic risks from day one of the project.

We then offer technological components that address the results of the risk analysis via a modern SOC solution.


Merging SOC and NOC (to form XOC) addresses the following points:

  • continuity between operation and security supervision,
  • respect for IS security in day-to-day operations,
  • an operational team aware of Cyber Security issues,
  • a modular and upgradeable solution that meets your requirements.