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Creating tomorrow’s digital native aircraft

The challenges of security, safety and optimizing productivity

The aeronautics industry has to respond to a host of transformations that affect both the production of aircraft and air travel, including growing security requirements, traffic fluidity, unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), industrial digitalization, and combating climate change.

To cope with these major changes, the players in the sector must implement critical digital solutions that call for new skills, and be supported throughout the life cycles of their systems in order to respond to demands for competitiveness, cost optimization, security and operational safety.

CS GROUP provides innovative, tried and tested responses to these challenges via the cutting-edge engineering of embedded avionics systems combining security, operational safety, the digitalization of industrial processes and data science to optimize the life cycle of systems and predictive maintenance.

CS GROUP also deploys high-level communications and training systems for air traffic operators.

Safe, efficient air traffic control

Air traffic control has suddenly moved from absorbing a huge increase in traffic to maintaining minimal activity with clients bled dry by the health crisis. What these two situations have in common is that technological innovation and engineering enhance both the safety of air traffic control systems and the economic performance of our ANSP clients.

Our air traffic control products and solutions thus meet the highest standards of reliability and cyber-security.

We support our clients throughout the life cycle of their systems, adapting them to each client depending on traffic density and organization.

A leading actor, expert and accelerator in the field of avionic digitalization

CS GROUP, a precursor in the field of digital continuity, develops secure and qualified critical systems and real-time embedded software that respond to the strictest security and safety standards. Combining our capacity for innovation, our skill as an integrator and the expertise of our service centers, CS GROUP is a strategic actor from beginning to end of the value chain. We support our clients, who are major industrial actors in the aeronautics sector in Europe and North America, at all stages from digital design to maintenance.

Thanks to our data science expertise on condition-based fleet maintenance, CS GROUP is able to offer digital modeling in a global collaborative environment via Simulation Lifecycle Management. A genuine accelerator of innovation, this links together preliminary studies, production and maintenance as well as connecting aircraft manufacturers with airlines.

CS GROUP combines technological expertise and consultancy in the field of embedded systems, industrial IT and cybersecurity in order to supply safe, secure and interconnected intelligent systems. Take a look at our complete, innovative range of solutions and products: embedded systems, system cybersecurity and industrial supervision.

CS GROUP is currently the only French company that offers a complete range of enhanced security solutions and products, entirely designed and developed in France, for end-to-end protection of information systems and communication infrastructure.

CS GROUP optimizes design cycles for products and equipment, from Systems Engineering expertise to PLM or BIM implementation. Close synergy between our digital simulation and data intelligence teams allows us to offer innovative solutions.

From analyzing the current situation to implementing robust governance and enhancing the value of data, CS GROUP offers an innovative approach to Data Intelligence combining Data Engineering / Data Science services with powerful packaged tools, making us into a data-driven organization.

CS GROUP has designed an innovative communications system, CSoIP (Communication & Security over IP), which provides responsiveness, flexibility and adaptability when running airborne operations. Deployed in France and Europe, this systems responds to both civilian and military needs.

Our SIMACS product addresses the training needs of both civilian and military tower and approach air traffic controllers. The military version has been used by the French Air Force for many years, while the civilian version provides powerful tools for complex training programs designed for large airports.