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Digitalization of industrial processes

A true lever of operational excellence

The challenge of process digitalization

The digital revolution is prompting organizations to reorganize themselves in order to gain maximum benefit from the digital enterprise model and the ability to automate procedures and focus on customer satisfaction. This is why digital transformation must be a priority for companies.

Digital transformation is also a real growth opportunity underpinned by increased operational and economic efficiency, competitive advantage, rapid international growth and diversification. It allows companies to increase their agility and fosters innovation.

Digitalization is present in all production systems. Simulation, modeling, digital continuity and connected objects are becoming the cornerstones of the connected factory. New technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality are bringing with them new services that facilitate rapid diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

The three main challenges of process digitalization are the optimization and automation of operational processes leading to increased agility and improved performance; customer relations, with new services put in place around services and facilities; and new economic models, for example the transition from selling products to selling use, marketing connected services, adding value to data, etc.

CS GROUP: an accelerator of industrial process digitalization

For many years, CS GROUP has supported its clients throughout the life cycle of products and equipment, from design to maintenance. Digital simulation, Systems Engineering, PLM, BIM and GMAO implementation…CS GROUP is an accelerator of industrial process digitalization.

Coupling simulation with AI, assistance and training tools that use virtual and augmented reality…our expertise encourages innovation.

Modeling & Numerical Simulation