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Safe industrial & embedded systems

Combined expertise: operational safety and cybersecurity

The challenge of embedded systems

Present everywhere in daily life (vehicles, public transportation, smart objects, home automation, payment methods), embedded systems are also essential in many critical sectors, especially aerospace, energy, defense, the automotive industry and the medical sphere. The exponential growth of M2M (machine to machine) technology and embedded AI raise many different challenges: end-to-end control of generated data, risk anticipation, standards compliancy, agility and performance management.

CS GROUP is a recognized leader in the field of embedded critical systems thanks to our experience in space technology and avionics. We are in the Top 5 in France in terms of cybersecurity. We break down the frontiers between technical silos and propose a unique range of continuous integrated solutions.

A premium tech partner

CS GROUP combines its assets to supply safe smart systems that are secure and interconnected: we have proven technological expertise and extensive experience as consultants on embedded systems, industrial IT and cybersecurity. Our overall approach, from specification to operational maintenance and certification, is based on in-depth knowledge of development processes, safety and security standards, and R&D investments at the cutting edge of industrial innovation.

Supervisory Control System
Cybersecurity of industrial & embedded systems