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Creating tomorrow’s world, today

Critical systems demand powerful technologies

Integrating new technologies into industrial firms or service providers speeds up their digital transformation and enhances their performance. The critical systems at the heart of these digital solutions are based on a combination of cutting-edge technologies: artificial intelligence, data science, edge computing, multi-cloud management and mixed reality (augmented and virtual). It is essential to fully understand these technologies and to be both responsive and relevant in order to select the most appropriate and effective solutions for the future of one’s organization and its new practices.

By placing innovation at the heart of its approach, CS GROUP provides bespoke solutions for its clients’ most critical missions.

With our extensive expertise and skills constantly enriched by exciting and exacting projects, CS GROUP is the ideal partner for understanding and optimizing the technological evolutions of today and tomorrow.

Constant involvement in technological innovation

CS GROUP and its teams anticipate and prepare for the future with their clients, a mission that is embodied in a differentiated approach to the CIT (Communication and Information Technologies) market, combining technological excellence and in-depth professional knowledge with the agility of a human-sized company. This is underscored by our constant human and financial investment in technological innovation:

An integrated, cross-disciplinary center of expertise and technology

Available to all the entities forming CS GROUP, the center is divided into “expertise hubs”: airborne defense, space technologies, CIS security & operational safety, simulation & modelling, virtual reality, avionics, embedded systems, imagery & intelligence, freeware, software engineering, systems engineering, etc.


The center brings together over 200 employees who are eager to design systems that meet the needs of the most critical missions, sharing their expertise in order to keep ahead of technological change and meet the professional needs of our clients in France and abroad. Their aims are to highlight our skills and abilities based on operational benchmarks; to ensure that our abilities will cover future needs; to identify and present reusable products; and to identify strategic partnerships that will enhance our ability to build the innovative, competitive and reliable systems of the future.


CS GROUP actively develops products and solutions with high added value that can easily be integrated into complete solutions.

200 experts

anticipate technological innovations to build the systems of the future

Active participation in competitiveness hubs

Close involvement in major French and European R&D projects

A complete solution for anti-drone defense
The purpose of the ALADDIN project (Advanced holistic Adverse Drone Detection Identification & Neutralization) is to study, design, develop and assess an anti-drone system as a complete solution to the growing problem of drone threat via a series of complementary pilot projects. Based on a cutting-edge system, it is being fine-tuned via research into various technologies and functionalities.

Cyber-secure transportation
The CitySCAPE project, funded by the EU, will improve cybersecurity in the field of multimodal transportation. The project will produce a modular software toolbox that has four aims: to detect the traffic and flow of suspicious data; to assess the technical and financial impact of a cyber-attack; to improve forecasting of “zero-day” attacks; and last but not least, to train the competent authorities and improve the circulation of information between them. In the long term, the CitySCAPE solution will be validated by transportation operators and cybersecurity organizations who will also be trained to use the tools developed in the framework of the project.

> read the Press Release

Developing Artificial Intelligence for critical systems
The DEEL (DEpendable Explainable Learning) project involves academic and industrial partners in the development of technological AI modules that are reliable, robust, explainable and certifiable, applied to critical systems.
The project addresses four themes: Reliability, Explainability, Certifiability and Respect for privacy from the design phase onwards.

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Commitment to the integration and development of Open Source solutions

CS GROUP has been involved for a long time in the field of defense and security for administrations and major industries, and has rolled out many freeware-based critical systems and applications for its clients.

An offering that covers the entire information system with freeware alternatives for each component of the IS:


  • collaborative infrastructure,
  • security,
  • operation,
  • development & integration.

Our commitments:


  • only propose freeware if it meets the current need,
  • describe each software package we propose in detail,
  • maintain and support each software package we propose,
  • document and inform the community of any modification, with the client’s authorization.

CS GROUP also carries out code audits to ensure the integrity of the solutions it develops.

Our Open Source solutions

OREKIT, a modern tool using the most recent physical models, is a low level library of “turnkey” components relating to space dynamics (orbits, dates, attitudes, frames).
To find out more about Orekit: www.orekit.org

SafeScale is an on-line command tool that makes it possible to automate the creation of secure turnkey IT platforms, and to extend and reduce them as required.