CS GROUP has been selected within the European project CitySCAPE

The objective is the analysis of the performance of multimodal information systems in the context of cybersecurity. The project starts in September 2020.

In recent years, the digitisation of transport tools and information systems has generated real concentrators of very diverse data (location, ticketing, private user data) with critical value for users, operators and public transport authorities.
The aim of this experiment is to analyse, in collaboration with our partners (Airbus Cybersecurity, Kasperky Lab), the persistent threats to the security and privacy of these data concentrators, to forecast cybersecurity incidents, to fight against the entry points of attacks, to assess the impact in technical and financial terms and, finally, to provide informative notifications to the CERT/CSIRT authorities.

To join this group, CS GROUP was able to put forward its know-how in the fields of multimodal information systems and its expertise related to the norms and standards governing multimodal data management.
It is on these aspects related to the compatibility of current standards and norms with regard to cybersecurity that the work of CS GROUP will focus. This project is a perfect opportunity for the EASI BU teams to strengthen their mastery of data management in the context of transport, but also to further explore the field of cybersecurity, which represents a promising lever for growth.