CS GROUP: successful demonstration of Counter-UAV system in an operational context

In line with its technological roadmap in the field of Counter-UAV system, CS GROUP demonstrated last week in Brétigny (site of the UAV Cluster in Ile de France region) the relevance of its BOREADES solution by integrating, in less than six weeks, several sensors and different command and control (C2) systems, with very good readability of the information obtained, made possible in particular by on-board artificial intelligence.

Several scenarios were presented (prepared on the basis of CS GROUP’s off-the-shelf simulation system), which made it possible to test the quality of the HMI, the detection capabilities of three interconnected radars (long, medium and short range) and the relevance of data processing for three linked command & control centers.

On this event, CS GROUP successfully integrated the Giraffe 1X radar from the Saab AB. This is a first that has made it possible to evaluate the performance of the Giraffe 1X and its contribution in terms of long-range capability to the BOREADES Counter-UAV solution.

Following this demonstration, a first operational evaluation integrating the Giraffe G1X radar with the BOREADES system in very dense urban areas was also conducted by CS GROUP and Saab, with promising results.

CS GROUP is committed to continuing the development of the BOREADES solution, based on the following pillars:

  • Agile and incremental development using “bricks”, deliverable in very short cycles to meet operational needs;
  • Ability to integrate any type of sensor / effector with commitments to deadlines and performance: “Counter-UAV system in open architecture”;
  • Differentiation through intelligent processing of collected data, including artificial data;
  • Interoperability with command systems, other C2 Counter-UAV systems and UTM (UAV Traffic Management) systems.

CS GROUP has been involved in the fight against malicious UAVs for five years, and ensures an active and permanent technological watch to respond to the evolution of the UAV threat and operational needs.