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Industry 4.0

Designing and developing the factory of the future

Combining performance with risk management

So-called “smart” factories are becoming more agile, efficient and competitive. They are transforming the organization of management and production into a unified interconnected system where products, machines and the network interact via AI (Artificial Intelligence), the IIoT (the Industrial Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) technology. This change can only take place via the efficient integration of digital technology into the manufacturing process, combining industrial performance, optimized costs and risk management. In this context, the industries of the future will have to rely on safe, agile and long-lasting critical systems.

The leading European provider of critical systems, CS GROUP combines recognized expertise in cybersecurity, the digitalization of industrial processes and digital continuity in order to optimize industrial performance from design to production and to manage the risks relating to this new industrial revolution.

From productivity to operational safety

CS GROUP offers a complete range of innovative and agile services and solutions aimed at enhancing the productivity of tomorrow’s industries while guaranteeing their integrity and operational safety.

Digital modeling and simulation make the design and production cycle more productive and efficient, thus improving time to market. CS GROUP offers industrial clients an innovative approach that makes it possible to optimize the development and operating costs of data processing centers.

CS GROUP combines technological expertise and consultancy in the field of embedded systems, industrial IT and cybersecurity in order to supply safe, secure and interconnected intelligent systems. Take a look at our complete, innovative range of solutions and products: embedded systems, system cybersecurity and industrial supervision.

From analyzing the current situation to implementing robust governance and enhancing the value of data, CS GROUP offers an innovative approach to Data Intelligence combining Data Engineering / Data Science services with powerful packaged tools, making us into a data-driven organization.

CS GROUP optimizes design cycles for products and equipment, from Systems Engineering expertise to PLM or BIM implementation. Close synergy between our digital simulation and data intelligence teams allows us to offer innovative solutions.

CS GROUP is currently the only French company that offers a complete range of enhanced security solutions and products, entirely designed and developed in France, for end-to-end protection of information systems and communication infrastructure.