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Supporting the "Mobility 4.0" revolution

The impact of new modes of use and solutions

The digital revolution is having a huge impact on modes of use and mobility solutions, which are becoming increasingly shared, connected, driverless and eco-friendly. This upheaval is forcing public and private actors in the transportation sector to respond to the challenges of “Mobility 4.0”, including intermodal transportation, reliable and secure systems, reduced operating costs and real-time passenger information. Breaking down barriers, optimizing transportation systems and providing passengers with a sense of freedom are the challenges of tomorrow’s smart transportation systems.

Combining a high level of technological expertise with an in-depth knowledge of the sector, CS GROUP is an internationally recognized trusted partner for the transformation of the transportation and mobility ecosystem. From operational support to real-time passenger information, CS GROUP brings tried and tested expertise to the field of cyber-secure multimodal information systems.

Our expertise

Contribution to the definition and enhancement of standards relating to public transportation : currently we are working on the production of the SIRI France profile for the Department of Transportation

  • Production of the SIRI France profile for the Department of Transportation

TRANSMODEL / SIRI /Netex training programs:


  • CS GROUP Expert working for the GT7

Functional assistance:

  • OURAGAN functional analysis and architecture (RATP)
  • Automation functional analysis for Metrol/Tramway line L1 in Paris
  • Writing the tech specifications for the OURAGAN tender
  • Functional modeling of the NAVIGO system (RATP)

Technical audits (PARIS):

  • PCC L4 audit
  • PCC OrlyVal audit

Innovative, reliable and secure turnkey solutions

CS GROUP supports actors in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), industrial firms, operators and local authorities by supplying multimodal Passenger Information Systems and systems for the supervision of infrastructure and transportation fleets.


With over 20 years’ experience carrying out turnkey projects in the field of public transportation, CS GROUP combines technical skills with an in-depth knowledge of the sector.

A set of dedicated applications dedicated to public transportation, MobilitX provides  all the necessary applications to set up a full multimodal passenger information system including, static information, real time information as well as circumstantial information.

CS GROUP is currently the only French company that offers a complete range of enhanced security solutions and products, entirely designed and developed in France, for end-to-end protection of information systems and communication infrastructure.

CS GROUP optimizes design cycles for products and equipment, from Systems Engineering expertise to PLM or BIM implementation. Close synergy between our digital simulation and data intelligence teams allows us to offer innovative solutions.

CS GROUP offers an innovative approach to Data Intelligence combining Data Engineering / Data Science services with powerful packaged tools, making us into a data-driven organization.

CS GROUP offers a powerful TACSIT tool: Crimson Tactic. This innovative solution makes it possible to anticipate and manage crises, to prepare recovery strategies and provide feedback for a resilient approach.

A leading European provider of cyber-secure multimodal information systems

On 1 September 2020, CS GROUP joined the European consortium CitySCAPE alongside its other partners (Airbus Cybersecurity, Kasperky Lab, etc.). Thanks to our expertise in multimodal systems and mass data, our work will focus on aspects relating to the compatibility of standards with regard to cybersecurity.


The European CitySCAPE project

CitySCAPE relies on the skills and mature technology of its consortium of 15 partners to systematically explore all the dimensions of cybersecurity in the field of multimodal transportation. These dimensions will make it possible to characterize ICT-related cyber-threats in this field, also extending them to the nearby sectors of electricity and finance. Innovative software tools will be introduced to assess the propagation of threats in the system.

Following this, CitySCAPE will produce a modular software toolbox that can be seamlessly integrated into any multimodal transportation system. The CitySCAPE solution will be tested in a series of scenarios involving ticketing, cyber-fraud and regional transportation localization data applications in the regional transportation systems of two European cities, where these in-depth trials will demonstrate its efficiency.

The results will inform expert/non-expert training sessions and make an important contribution to the standardization of security protocols (labeling).

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