Crisis management

Anticipating, preparing for and managing crises

A different approach to crisis management

Crisis and intervention management systems combine command capacities with tightly controlled information. They make if possible to anticipate crises, to manage them, to prepare for recovery and to provide feeback for a resilient approach.

Operational command and incident management tool


Crimson Tactic is an innovative software solution dedicated to tactical situations (TACSIT), information sharing and coordination.

It is based on a powerful 2D/3D cartographic engine for large-scale command ops, with no geographical limitations.

Thanks to an overall vision of the tactical situation that is shared and customizable depending on the level of intervention, Crimson Tactic offers first responders and command units the opportunity to work together effectively.

Crimson Tactic offers:

  • information sharing (photos, video streams, etc.)
  • data for decision-making and operations support
  • replay and feedback for training purposes.

Crimson Tactic is the TACSIT tool adopted by many French fire and rescue services and other civilian security organizations, in partnership with the Entente Valabre New Technologies Hub, a public body devoted to the prevention of major risks.