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Surveillance & command systems

Successful missions for operatives

Preparing for the unexpected

The efficiency of critical operations depends on the effective handling of information (data and images), readiness for complex situations, and the ability to anticipate potential crisis. Operatives at the forefront of these challenges must have the very best technology and methods at their disposal in order to ensure optimum surveillance of exterior/interior factors and to provide coordinated command for all the teams involved.

CS GROUP combines its expertise and solutions to provide innovative, end-to-end responses to critical mission requirements: project consultancy, complete surveillance systems for sensitive sites, image processing expertise, mission readiness & collaborative training, and operational crisis management. CS GROUP is able to provide such solutions to public security organizations and major industrial clients.

Complete mission support

CS GROUP is able to design and integrate innovative command & control systems and to deploy analytical, predictive, decision-making and training tools to support operatives as they carry out their missions.

Operational Command & Control IS
Perimeter Security & Maritime Surveillance
Geo-information & Image Processing