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Operational command & control IS

Effective management of situations and information

High-level operational IS

Planning and running operations requires collecting, sharing and directly visualizing a large amount of vital information, as well as coordinating teams in a variety of different scenarios. Operational information systems are a strategic operational and tactical asset, not only for the Armed Forces but also for Civilian Security Forces.

Combining operational experience with expertise in innovative technologies, CS GROUP develops operational command and control Information Systems that are integrated, interoperable, secure, available and upgradeable. These systems optimize decision-making processes thanks to the implementation of centered network architecture and provide high-level coordination capacity.

Operational command and control centers

As a designer and integrator of systems that make it possible to collect, share and directly visualize all the information required for planning and running operations, CS GROUP has all the necessary skills for the deployment of command and control centers.

Combining operational experience and expertise in the field of innovative technologies, CS GROUP develops operational command information systems that meet the needs of strategic, operational and tactical command centers. These systems are integrated, interoperable, secure, available and upgradeable. They optimize decision-making processes thanks to the implementation of centered network architecture. They make it possible to coordinate teams in a variety of different scenarios.

Such coordination capacity is obviously most valuable for the armed forces, but these centers can also be adapted for the coordination of civilian security forces.

CS GROUP is able to design and integrate innovative command & control systems and to deploy analytical, predictive, decision-making and training tools to support operators as they carry out their missions.

Command and control systems for air defense

The air operations centers developed by CS GROUP are Command and Control Centers (C2) that make the Air Force able to process all the information required for decision-making.

These centers carry out air space management, air traffic control and air defense missions. The systems make it possible to create a tactical situation, to analyze the information, to communicate with the aircraft, and, if necessary, to deal with a threat and identify means of response. CS GROUP thus covers the entire spectrum of an air operations center, which is essential in order to meet EU and NATO requirements.


CS GROUP is the Level 1 industrial contractor for the SySCA system that equips COSCA air traffic control centers. The system is deployed in air bases in France and French Guyana and provides air navigation services (air traffic and mission control, air space management, alert and rescue). In France it contributes to the Permanent Defense Posture, one of the main missions of the Air Force.

In exterior theaters of operation the deployable version (for use in COSCA-D centers) fulfills the same functions but in addition has the ability to communicate via L16, which allows command and control of fighter plane missions, coordination with other C2s, and interoperability with other allied forces.

Communication systems

In addition, CS GROUP designs and deploys the Surface-to-Air radio communication system SRSA. Highly secure and redundant for optimum security, the system is mutualized and allows several operators to use it simultaneously, following rules of priority, in clear or protected mode. Modular and interoperable, it can integrate tactical data links at low and medium altitudes that complement NATO’s high-altitude capacities.


A complete solution for the Air Force

Thanks to feedback obtained during development of the CLA and SRSA systems for the French Air Force, CS GROUP offers an air defense C2 integrated into an existing operational architecture and compliant with the new NATO concepts of centered & collaborative networks. This center adapts to the air defense challenges of many countries and allows the implementation of C2s in France that can be used for exterior operations or in the framework of the country’s Permanent Defense Posture.

Tactical area surveillance


This tactical system is an operational C2 (Command & Control) node (a non-C2 version is also available). STARLINX can easily be integrated into NCW (Network Centric Warfare) operations and allows complete participation in real or simulated TDL networks.

STARLINX has a broad spectrum of C2 functions, such as setting up and managing a tactical situation (multi-link surveillance), digital control of effectors, the coordination and management of weapons and the exchange of orders. Ergonomic interfaces greatly facilitate these interactions.

Its on-going development process and make it possible for STARLINX to take part in all types of operations: Air-to-Air, GBAD (Ground Based Air Defense), ASI-ALI (Air Surface Integration), ASW (Anti-submarine Warfare), ASuW (Anti-surface Warfare), and even BMD (Ballistic Missile Defense).

Operational safety and security hypervisor


Crimson Sentinel is an innovative software hypervision solution dedicated to the centralized management of protection and security systems and operations command systems.

It is based on a powerful 2D/3D cartographic engine offering global, synthetic and intelligible situational awareness and making it possible to use the digital twin of the site to be made secure.

Crimson Sentinel facilitates information-sharing, coordination and decision-making and offers “need to know” permissions management and a graphic rules editor for task automation.

Crimson Sentinel features:

  • correlation of sensor data, transmission and description of alerts,
  • management of associated security procedures and assistance to operators,
  • replay and feedback for training purposes.

Crimson Sentinel is the hypervision tool used by several French military sites and other critical infrastructure, providing them with vital surveillance and operational management capacities.