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Digitalizing and securitizing new processes

New models combining performance and security

Banking, insurance, distribution, BtoB or BtoC services…the main European tertiary and retail sectors are going digital in the face of heightened competition from new platform models developed by the “web giants” (GAFA, NATU,etc.), as well as the exacting demands of hyper-connected users, huge increases in the volume of data, and, consequently, growing external threats and regulatory constraints. Their challenge is to adopt agile, secure and intelligent processes. At the heart of this digital transformation are robust and secure critical digital systems that allow these organizations to improve performance and build trust.

A recognized actor in sectors such as Defense, Public Security, Space, Aeronautics and Energy, CS GROUP uses its expertise in cybersecure critical systems to provide solutions for the tertiary sector. We support complex and sensitive security policies, focusing on data securitization, dematerialized exchanges, ID management and infrastructure security.

An expert, wide-ranging digital services offering

Thanks to our technological expertise and core competencies and our ability to innovate and integrate complex and sensitive systems, we at CS GROUP are able to offer a broad and highly relevant range of digital services: Big Data analysis and management, multi-Cloud systems, data encryption, automated processes, AI applied to services, etc. Working in end-to-end mode, CS GROUP ensures that its clients can build digital trust by confidently embracing digital transformation and ensuring the security of the billions of sensitive exchanges that arise from it.

CS GROUP is currently the only French company that offers a complete range of enhanced security solutions and products, entirely designed and developed in France, for end-to-end protection of information systems and communication infrastructure.

From analyzing the current situation to implementing robust governance and enhancing the value of data, CS GROUP offers an innovative approach to Data Intelligence combining Data Engineering / Data Science services with powerful packaged tools, making us into a data-driven organization.