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Simulation & training

From innovation to upskilling

Training for improved performance

Whether to ensure the security of personnel and the success of their assignments or to satisfy the increasingly exacting demands of industry, simulation tools provide long-term responses to the challenges faced by civilian and military organizations.

Because maintenance and procedural systems are increasingly complex, and regulatory constraints must be complied with, training programs for maintenance operatives have to be all the more innovative in an environment that is complex and highly competitive.

By the same token, simulation is an effective solution for the performance of army personnel, who, thanks to training in more and more realistic mission-critical environments are able to see, share and analyze complex situations and take action based on full understanding of rules and procedures.

By combining expertise in the field of simulation with our extensive knowledge of civilian and military contexts, CS GROUP is able to guide its clients towards ever more innovative immersive and sustainable training solutions for security and safety operatives. A major player in the field of critical systems, CS GROUP also makes use of the latest technology to offer high-performance training solutions for the Air Force, Army and Navy offering rich, highly representative, network-centered, ergonomically designed LVC (Live, Virtual and Constructive) environments.