Training simulator

An integrated upgradable air traffic control simulation solution

A complete solution that responds to the demands of air traffic control

SIMACS is our integrated modular upgradable air traffic control simulator.


It responds perfectly to the training requirements of civilian and military air traffic controllers and makes it possible to test air traffic control procedures in the changing environments of airports.


The flexible SIMACS architecture allows training simulation for Tower and Approach control or both, and makes it possible to create complex scenarios with several flight phases.


SIMACS comprises the following modules:

  • A high-performance simulation engine based on aircraft flight dynamics: the Eurocontrol BADA database
  • Hyper-realistic 3D visualization
  • Pseudo-pilot
  • Simplified and assisted scenario creation
  • Simulation control

SIMACS is operated in connection with the operational air traffic control system, allowing controllers to gain full mastery of the system they actually use. SIMACS is configured for COTS devices: images can be projected, rear-projected or displayed on a video wall according to client requirements.


The 3D visualization engine manages realistic views of the airport, aircraft, vehicles, weather conditions, beacons, and special effects forming part of the training course (fires, etc…).


SIMACS is designed to facilitate preparation for training and saves the ANSP time with the creation and maintenance of training programs.


We at CS GROUP support our clients at all stages, from defining their solution to customer support, including the creation of their own 3D database of relevant airports, aircraft and vehicles.