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Data intelligence

Harnessing the power of data

The challenge of Data Intelligence

Organizations can now produce value from their data. Data Intelligence makes it possible to transform data into information, and then knowledge, thanks to Artificial Intelligence. This knowledge then informs every decision, becoming a powerful source of agility, improved performance, operational efficiency and new ideas. This entails implementing a Data Strategy that puts data at the heart of the organization and guarantees quality from the earliest stages. It also ensures that the data complies with legal and regulatory constraints.

The challenge now lies in the ability of organizations to process large amounts of data from multiple sources in order to rapidly extract useful and relevant knowledge for decision-making purposes.

Recognized expertise

CS GROUP helps its clients to implement Data-Driven strategies. From status analysis to strong governance and adding value to data, CS GROUP offers an innovative approach to Data Intelligence that brings together services Data Engineering / Data Science services and powerful packaged tools.

Our experts are able to help you meet your data collection, governance, management and value challenges by implementing AI solutions.

Reliable and operational digital platforms

For several years CS GROUP has been providing reliable and operational digital platforms to top-ranking organizations in the fields of Space, Defense and Industry. We have recognized expertise in Cloud Computing, Data Science and Engineering.

Covering the entire data chain
A dedicated Big data & Data Intelligence platform