Data Intelligence by CS GROUP

A complete, fully integrated digital platform

CS GROUP has developed METIS, a solution that makes it possible to roll out Big Data and Data Intelligence platforms based on a ready-to-use framework (CS Landscape) built with standard open-source libraries, adaptable to any environment, upgradeable and regularly updated.


Thanks to our expertise in consultancy, software development and systems integration, CS GROUP is able to meet all your requirements and provide a complete, fully integrated digital platform based on METIS and customized to suit your business.

A "PaaS" platform

METIS is a “Platform as a Service (PaaS)” data processing and analysis solution that is interoperable and based on open-source components.


It is the result of experience and expertise acquired in the framework of Geospace projects where CS GROUP has combined effective AI algorithms with Big Data technology in order to use the growing amount of data arising from Earth observation.

This solution has been tried and tested by numerous partners and clients, not only in the Space sector but also in aeronautics, defense, medical research, weather forecasting, resource management, rescue operations, urban planning, self-navigation and many more.

Cutting-edge software components

Built around the best open source technologies, METIS uses cutting-edge software components to transform raw data into information that is accessible and usable via a user-friendly, collaborative Web environment.

The main services are:

  • Data access management (ingestion and virtualization).
  • Data governance (classification, aligning, disambiguating, cleaning).
  • Data visualization (dynamic graphics, complex real-time dashboards).
  • Data analysis (feature engineering, statistical and exploratory analysis, classification, regression, forecasting, distributed processing, workflow, sandbox).
  • Collaborative work (chatrooms, videoconferencing, forums).

An IT platform

METIS uses the SafescaleTM solution developed by CS GROUP to deploy the platform with its full software environment. Thanks to its design, the platform is cloud provider-agnostic and secure (user federation, ID and access managment, encryption, ACL, intruder detection).

It is interoperable and thus can interface seamlessly with existing resources such as data storage (HDFS, S3, Swift, NFS,etc.), Infrastructure as a Service (OpenStack, EC2, VMWare, etc.), service orchestrators (Kubernetes, MESOS), HPC infrastructures (PBS, Slurm, Torque) or simply clusters. It also offers integrated monitoring services that make it possible to observe the platform (logs, performance, alerts, and so on).