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Defense and Homeland Security

A unified approach to meet tomorrow’s security challenges

Controlling to protect

Faced with the changing nature of risk and the emergence of new threats (terrorism, organized crime, cyber-attacks), the main challenge governments and organizations face is to set up solutions that respond to both internal and external security issues. In this context, tomorrow’s strategic and operational responses are anticipation; the ability to command and run operations; the ability to control and protect information; and the interoperability of systems.

CS GROUP understands the essential levers required to develop command and control systems combining information management with decision-making support, providing open, interoperable and open-ended solutions that respond perfectly to the operational needs of our clients.

One-stop solutions for the protection of sensitive sites, areas and nations

From establishing tactical situations to training simulations in different environments, CS GROUP responds to tomorrow’s security challenges by proposing an agile, flexible approach and innovative solutions. CS GROUP proposes a unified approach to the Defense & Public Security market and offers a powerful range of one-stop solutions:

From our ability to design and integrate innovative command & control systems to the deployment of analytical, predictive, decision-making and training tools, CS GROUP uses its expertise to support operators on their missions.

CS GROUP has developed BOREADES, the first French integrated system designed to combat illegal drones. CS GROUP is dedicated to innovation and constantly tests the most efficient drone neutralization, detection and identification solutions.

Thanks to our robust core expertise and the support we provide to major clients, we at CS GROUP are able to design, produce and support surveillance and intruder detection systems to protect sensitive sites for Operators of Vital Importance.

CS GROUP covers a broad spectrum and offers innovative solutions: tactical data links, deployment of secure networks, sensitive messaging, inter-level bridges, and secure radio communications.


CS GROUP is now a leading actor in this field, and is present in each of its technical segments: network architecture; modeling; and synthetic environments. Our “network-centered” approach is a genuine asset in the solutions we develop.

As a center of excellence in the field of image processing, CS GROUP is able to deal with all aspects from sensor modeling to integrated systems, and can thus meet the challenges of geo-spatial intelligence and risk management.

CS GROUP is currently the only French company that offers a complete range of enhanced security solutions and products, entirely designed and developed in France, for end-to-end protection of information systems and communication infrastructure.

CS GROUP optimizes design cycles for products and equipment, from Systems Engineering expertise to PLM or BIM implementation. Close synergy between our digital simulation and data intelligence teams allows us to offer innovative solutions.