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Perimeter Security & Maritime Surveillance

Adaptive protection to secure sensitive zones

Surveillance systems for sensitive sites

Thanks to its core competencies and experience with supporting major clients, CS GROUP is able to design, produce and support surveillance and intruder detection systems to protect sensitive sites for Operators of VItal Importance. The perimeter and periphery surveillance solutions offered by CS GROUP are above all adaptive in order to reduce the vulnerability of the area to be secured and integrate varied technologies that all bring their own benefits to security and safety assignments. The solutions offered by CS GROUP make it possible to detect attempts at intrusion by land, air or sea.


CS GROUP solutions provide:

  • Early detection of intrusion. Thanks to multiple connected sensors (radars, optronic, thermal and day/night sensors) that allow the integrated system installed by CS GROUP to deal with restricted zones and prohibited entry. Depending on the type of threat and the characteristic of the site, CS GROUP proposes sensors adapted in terms of coverage area and sensitivity following a survey and/or site visit.
  • Intelligent feedback. Via its C2 supervisor, the system offers its operators a tactical, ergonomic and complete 2D or 3D view of threats and their location in real time. Alerts are processed intelligently via integrated functions (merging sensor data, decision-making rules, display options).
  • Assistance with decision-making and intervention. Additional modules and effectors make it possible to support the user and the decision-maker from the response-to-threat phase to the point when the situation returns to normal. The projects concerned by these solutions involve client operatives and managers in the development process, in compliance with site security regulations and legislation.

Based on an open multi-sensor architecture, our area surveillance systems are mature and highly effective, built around a C2 developed by dedicated teams and a network of equipment manufacturers who are our long-standing partners. As a developer and integrator of complex systems, CS GROUP also supports clients from the installation and operation of the system through to the support and maintenance phases.

CS GROUP also provides innovative solutions to site-specific problems with deployable or mobile systems using drones or tethered balloons or transferring C2 output to mobile devices. The system can also be configured to respond to the securitization constraints of information systems or be interfaced with external systems.

CS GROUP is present on several “SEVESO” high-risk sites in France, with different configurations responding to constrained environments and varied topologies. They are connected via command centers and operated 24/7.

Maritime surveillance systems

Our maritime surveillance offering has the same features as our area surveillance solutions, with specific features relating to the marine environment.

Exclusive Economic Zone (ZEE) Surveillance

CS OTH 200

A true tech disruptor, CS OTH 200 is a high-frequency surface-wave radar (HFSWR) that is able to surveil an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). It has two main advantages: the ability to carry out 24/24, 7/7 surveillance of the ZEE; and the ability to detect and monitor (within a range of 200 Nm) faster and smaller targets than standard HFSWR.

New generation of over-the-horizon radar (OTH).

CS OTH 200 is a brand new HFSWR providing inexpensive, precise and reliable surveillance of large maritime areas over the horizon such as an EEZ. One of the main advances of CS OTH 200 is its unique ability to provide precise, coherent detection of targets in the entire area within its range. This on-going, seamless coverage had been obtained thanks to the technology of CS OTH 200, which has been designed to meet the main challenges faced by modern HFSWR systems, including the reduction of ionospheric and seaborne clutter.

CS OTH 200 adapts to your constraints
Any coastal topology can be surveyed in order to provide a customized and optimized solution that respects wildlife and offers very low HF interference. CS OTH 200 is a radar designed and produced in France with a dual-use export license.

Coastal and port area surveillance


CS GROUP has implemented an operational center and a centralised multi-sensor system to protect critical restricted-access areas: MWPS (Maritime Warning & Protection System).

Maritime surveillance is a major challenge for the protection of port areas as part of the struggle against piracy and terrorism. Toulon is one of the first French naval ports to be equipped with a system of this type to respond to its growing security needs. The French Navy also uses several electro-optical day/night and thermal surveillance systems for its testing sites in the Mediterranean.

MWPS offers the following functionalities:

  • day/night detection, pursuit and identification of vessels in restricted-access areas.
  • local warning via active buoys (speakers and LED flashers) operated remotely from the C2
  • sound warnings and ultra-directive spotlights
  • intimidation by firing non-lethal pyrotechnic charges.
  • centralized C2 control center providing complete view of the area

CS GROUP leverages its ability to implement operational and command centers and integrated radar and optronics systems (data processing and merging, situation visualisation).

The TIAMAT project: new approaches to AI

TIAMAT (Détection Image Adaptée aux Menaces Asymétriques Navales & Terrestres) is an R&D project launched by DGA Techniques Navales, managed by CS GROUP and carried out in partnership with the IT and Systems Laboratory (LIS) at Toulon University.

The aim of this project is to develop new and innovative approaches to AI for the automatic detection and identification of threats positioned along the coastal fringe. The TIAMAT project is entering the industrialization phase and completes the CS GROUP offering for maritime surveillance and protection maritime covering a large area, from port areas to the boundaries of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

TIAMAT, a solution for the detection, recognition and tracking of surface objects, offers the following functionalities:

  • Improving the performance of threat detection solutions for combat systems (military component) and security systems for industrial sites and ports (civilian component)
  • Detection and automatic recognition of vessels positioned along the coastal fringe posing asymmetrical threats
  • Displaying information useful for tracking and assistance with maritime surveillance decision-making.

Thanks to the TIAMAT project, CS GROUP is able to provide algorithmic solutions based on AI to assist with decision-making in maritime settings.