Counter-UAV system

Protection of sensitive sites and events

Counter-UAV systems solution for protecting sensitive sites or infrastuctures and major events

Firms and public/military organizations have to ensure the surveillance of their activities, buildings and infrastructure, and implement effective alerts and neutralization systems, should drone-related threats arise.

CS GROUP designs, deploys and maintains counter-UAV systems, benefiting from its core business expertise, including its command and control (C2)  and system integrator capabilities.


BOREADES is the counter-UAV solution designed and deployed by CS GROUP. It is a flexible and evolutive solution that enables protecting a variety of sensitive sites. The system offers a comprehensive solution, from  drones detection and identification , to threat assessment and neutralization. We can rely on our numerous operational references and experience to guarantee very high performance levels.

CS GROUP has developed a real-time C2 capability, customized for counter-UAV systems applications. This C2 is the core of the system and makes it possible to present the user with a reliable tactical situation. Numerous sensors and effectors, selected by CS GROUP depending on use cases and required performance levels, can be connected to the C2. BOREADES enables to deal with micro and mini drone threats in a variety of environments: military or official sites, sensitive sites, critical industrial facilities, airports, prisons and public events (stadiums, large public gatherings, etc.).

BOREADES main features

  • Integrated system offering a high level of performance and automation
  • Automatic detection, categorization, identification and threat evaluation
  • Intuitive and ergonomic HMI for the operator, with configurable alert display upon threat detection
  • System available in several configurations: fixed, portable, mobile
  • State-of-the-art system featuring many innovations such as AI and AR (Augmented Reality) capabilities
  • Multi-sensor detection already built into BOREADES: radars (short/medium/long range), FR/thermal/optronic/cooperative detection
  • Multi-sensor data fusion in the C2, enabling to get the advantages of several technologies while presenting a clear situation to the operator
  • Display of tactical situation on a smartphone for on-the-field users
  • Interoperability with other C2s, for example tactical command systems (Air C2s) or security hypervisors
  • Integration and interoperability with UTM systems
  • Several classes of effectors integrated, from soft-kill to hard-kill. Capacity for Smart Neutralization in the C2 makes it possible to guide the user in order to offer a graduated answer while maximizing impact and minimizing collateral effects

CS GROUP at the heart of worldwide R&D counter-UAV systems projects


ALADDIN is a European project coordinated by CS GROUP and funded by the European Community in the Horizon 2020 program framework. The ALADDIN consortium comprises 18 European partners,  including industrials, academic bodies and End Users (LEA – Law Enforcement Agencies).

The aim of the project is to develop a seamless and tighly integrated counter-UAV system.  This is achieved through study and assessment of existing relevant technologies and regulations, in order to design, implement, integrate and demonstrate a scalable platform extending state-of-the-art capacity for the detection, localisation, and neutralization of drones with unprecedented accuracy and effectiveness..Aladdin offers innovative functionnalities enabling the training of operators, the storage of information for simulation and after action review, the support to investigation (e.g. localization and identification of the drone pilot), and a modern 3D mixed reality interface for improved effectiveness and user-friendliness..

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RAPTOR is a research project run by CS GROUP in Canada on behalf of CSC (Correctional Service of Canada) whose aim is to develop and demonstrate a cost-effective counter-UAV solution. Funded by DRDC (Defence Research and Development Canada), the solution is designed to detect, identify, track and neutralize rogue drones.

RAPTOR is a counter-UAV solution allowing users to rapidly identify threats and to take the appropriate decision. It will be available in a range of configurations to meet various operational needs: detection of contraband deliveries by drone;  detection and neutralization of drones flying over restricted areas, and on-the roas mobile installation system designed for event protection.

The two-year RAPTOR project output will consist in three system demonstrations organized at Drummond Institution in Quebec.