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Passenger Information System (PIS)

Performant real-time mass information sharing

MobilitX: a multimodal Passenger Information System for public transportation

A set of dedicated applications dedicated to public transportation, MobilitX provides  all the necessary applications to set up a full multimodal passenger information system including, static information, real time information as well as circumstantial information.


MobilitX applies transportation sector standards: Transmodel NETEX, SIRI, GTFS, etc. CS GROUP is an expert adviser to the GT7 and takes part in developing these standards.

Passenger Information System

HUB functionalities

  • Acquisition of reference data and passenger information data for all modes of transport and all operatives within the ecosystem
  • Concentration of persistent and consistent data (mapping and management rules)
  • Distribution of relevant data to consumer
  • Administration and supervision (reference and real-time data)

MobilitX components

References - Examples of projects

RATP (Paris transportation network):

  • Central positioning system for buses et trams
  • Passenger information system for Metro Line 14
  • Maintenance assistance system for Sacem RER A suburban trains
  • Central ticketing systems
  • Radio operator station, driverless Metro lines
  • Symphonie configuration management tool

RTM (Marseille transportation network):

  • HUB data aggregator for entire public transportation network
  • Generic Passenger Information System (running all display monitors from a central server via MobilitX DIS),
  • PIS gateway to SIRI standard for High-Level Service Buses
  • Consultancy on Transmodel / Siri / Netex
  • Development of SPOTI 3 connector to distribute information centralized by the Hub.

Examples of projects:

For passenger information (PIS):
SIRI PIS gateway for high-level service buses


For operational assistance:
Operation Support and Passenger Information Systems
Operating stations & radio


For radio communications:
Radio positioning


For remote ticketing:
RATP Navigo Infrastructure
Remote top-up


For expert consultancy and corrective and scalable TMA:
Studies / Expert appraisals
Consultancy on Transmodel / Siri / Netex