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Effective solutions to operational issues

Supervision systems for infrastructure and transportation fleets

With over 20 years’ experience in developing turnkey projects in the field of public transportation, CS GROUP combines technical skills with robust professional expertise, allowing us to rapidly understand the challenges faced by our clients and to offer effective solutions to their operational problems:

  • Infrastructure supervision
  • Fleet management
  • Voice communication
  • Passenger information
  • Remote ticketing
  • Assistance with maintenance
  • Configuration management

Fleet management

To provide real-time management of vehicles and large fleets, CS GROUP has developed a system that makes it possible to manage the communication and position of buses, trucks, cars, motorbikes and trains, whether they are on known routes or not, either within or outside GPS coverage, and either moving or stationary. The system uses the fleet’s existing radio network.


Central radio-location system for RATP buses

This system has a host of features making it possible to manage the bus service, improve security and inform passengers.

The SL5000 system provided by CS GROUP offers centralized communication with all buses (5000), instantly gives the position of each vehicle, and communicates its position to other Operational Support tools.

Voice communication on radio network

As part of the radio networks upgrade, CS GROUP provides a generic device able to interface with the main existing networks:

  • via API
  • via AIR interface

This generic, configurable device is designed to meet the communication needs of all local authority operators: BUS, METRO, RER, Security, Police and Council Employees.

The device is configured according to the user profile and supervised by a 2SC management server that manages the configuration of all operator devices in use.

Remote ticketing

As part of the implementation of the NAVIGO contactless pass across the RATP network, CS GROUP has developed a software suite that manages terminals for the top-up, collection and verification of passes.

  • On-line top-up
  • Fraud detection
  • Supervision and validation of tickets
  • Configuration and supervision of equipment (in vehicles or on platforms)