Modeling & Numerical Simulation

A major challenge for design and testing

A fundamental competitive challenge

Modeling and digital simulation are present in many industrial sectors (automotive, aerospace, energy, etc.), and now represent a fundamental competitive challenge for organizations. They make it possible to analyze and understand the implications and potential repercussions of a host of factors on an actual situation. Offering formidable efficiency and significant cost reduction, they are now more than ever at the heart of the new “Industry 4.0”.

A recognized expert in multi-physics simulation, CS GROUP facilitates access to these technologies at reasonable cost and offers its expertise in modeling physical phenomena and high-performance computing.

Digital simulation

CS GROUP is a long-standing recognized player where modeling multi-physical phenomena and high performance computing are concerned. Thanks to the convergence of these areas of expertise with tools and data, CS GROUP is able to provide its clients and partners with genuine added value.

Long-standing expertise

Our added value is embodied in the convergence of core competencies, tools and data.

  • Muti-physics modeling: Thermo-Hydraulics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Solid Mechanics, Atomic Engineering (Neutronic, radiation protection), Reactor General Operation, Flight Dynamics
  • Scientific Softwares: Software Design, HPC Services, Maintenance & Support, Computational Platforms, Operational Simulators
  • SERVICES & PRODUCTS: ProLB, Project Consultancy/ Development/ Application Management

High Performance Computing

  • HPC ADMINISTRATION AND SUPPORT: rollout, auditing, integration of tools in processing chains
  • HPC DEVELOPMENT: optimization of codes, development of solvers
  • SOFTWARE SUPPORT: software modeling in HPC environment

Operational simulators

  • DEVELOPMENT OF FULL-SCALE TRAINING AND PLANT OPERATION SIMULATOR: specifications / production / testing / validation / sign-off
  • PROJECT CONSULTANCY/ PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Operational analysis – special conditions, change of material, instructions and guidelines

An innovative software solution


ProLB is an innovative digital fluid dynamics solution based on the Lattice-Boltzmann method. It carries out intrinsically transitory simulations of very complex flows within competitive timeframes.

Thanks to its precise aerodynamic and aeroacoustic modeling, ProLB allows engineers to make design decisions in the early stages of a project that optimize and shorten the product development process.

ProLB offers the following functionalities:

  • High-Fidelity Large Eddy Simulations
  • HPC cluster processing at highly competitive speeds
  • Open, customizable numerical models via LBphysics
  • Competitive, flexible licensing system that is not restricted to the number of processors used
  • Optimized pre-processing with LBpre, an intuitive, ergonomic and fully scriptable interface
  • Volume mesh generated automatically and very rapidly
  • Free post-processing tool

ProLB has been developed by CS GROUP, Renault, Airbus, Aix Marseille Université, Ecole Centrale Lyon and Sorbonne University with support from other industrial and academic partners.

Our combined expertise

Digital twin