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Flight software

Software for the stars

Safe embedded software

Whether it be software embedded in a satellite orbiting the Earth, a probe destined for Mars or a weather balloon, space software undeniably belongs in the category of critical software. Because it is not easy to update, its reliability and maintenance capabilities must be of the highest level and meet all the relevant criteria. CS GROUP is able to develop such software thanks to its in-depth knowledge of ECSS standards, which means that all levels of product assurance required for the system can be guaranteed.

A constantly evolving sector

In recent years new paradigms have emerged in the space sector, both due to the arrival of non-institutional actors and due to technological breakthroughs such as the use of COTS, the advent of AI and new data bus concepts, improved performance of useful loads, etc. Taken together or separately, these constraints present major challenges for space flight software development.

Long-standing experience in the field

For over 20 years, CS GROUP has been developing critical embedded software for space flight. The development of platform, equipment or useful-load software has allowed CS GROUP to hone its expertise in the space sector, and this extensive experience makes us able to rise to the challenges of tomorrow.