Supervisory Control System

Remote management, supervision, simulation: industrial IT at your fingertips

The risks of open systems

Industrial IT is experiencing significant change resulting from its integration into the general IT system of companies. Control-command and supervision systems now have to cope with the risks of open systems. Controlling every layer of the system is becoming a major challenge for industrial IT.

Moreover, companies are eager to make full use of the potential of their data. To respond to the needs of data use, platforms are developed in order to collect, describe, process, cross-reference and analyze data and, ultimately, to improve the firm’s processes and customer experience.

As a specialist in critical systems, CS GROUP provides and deploys complete, long-term, secure solutions:

Active involvement in SCADA

For several years CS GROUP has been actively involved in SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), a vital element in a control or supervision room. SCADA is a large-scale remote management system capable de of processing a large amount of remote data (alarms, risk analysis, Human-Machine Interfaces, etc.) and controlling technical installations remotely.

CS GROUP carries out SCADA developments for major energy firms such as CEA, EDF and TOTAL that are capable of supervising installations and making decisions based on network sensor data, process data and digital simulation data. Within this framework, CS GROUP is developing remote alarm systems for a major nuclear energy provider, from functional specifications to the final integration of the solution.

The Supervision / SCADA Panorama platform

CS GROUP is a partner of both Codra and IT-mation, recognized actors in the software engineering sector and developers of the Supervision / SCADA Panorama and Ignition platforms respectively. These platforms form the backbone of industrial IS, acting as centers for the convergence and processing of operational data.

A developer of industrial simulators that is unique in Europe

With its long-standing experience of the nuclear sector, CS GROUP develops unique, robust industrial simulators for European clients. Our scientific and technological know-how makes us a trusted partner of industrial actors in all sectors (energy, production, R&D, etc.)

CS GROUP has developed major nuclear simulation tools that now operate at the heart of the safety and performance systems of French nuclear plants currently in operation:

  • renovating the array of specialized simulators reproducing major subsets of an EPR plant (for specific training on certain components of the plant)
  • developing simulators for safety analysis covering the normal and accidental operation of all CP0 and EPR plants.