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Consulting & Expertise

Responding to a wide range of needs and problems

Our service offering is motivated by a simple observation from our clients:


“The current market for consultancy on security forces us to make a choice between technical expertise and organizational skills”


Our conviction is that the two aspects are inseparable when setting up quality support services.


Our aim is to provide complete support:

  • addressing the initial need and the client’s core requirements
  • adapted to technical realities and the market
  • oriented towards on-going improvement.


Consequently, CS Novidy’s is able to respond to a wide range of consultancy needs and problems across the “IT Spectrum”:

Organizational consultancy

  • Compliance (LPM, GDPR, HDS),
  • Risk analysis,
  • Governance (ISO 27K, PSSI),
  • Crisis management.

Operational consultancy

  • PASSI/LPM RGS audit,
  • Pentest,
  • Consultancy on architecture,
  • Assistance with certification,
  • Training and awareness-raising.


  • Business Continuity Plan,
  • Mapping.

IT Transformation

  • IT Roadmap,
  • Datacenter,
  • Cloud Strategy,
  • IT Urbanization.