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Cybersecurity products

A wide range of cybersecurity products

Supervising the integrity and confidentiality of your IS

Prelude SIEM

Prelude SIEM is an event security supervision system that allows you to anticipate areas of vulnerability and to detect incidents in real time. By centralizing the collection and processing of information from disparate sources, Prelude SIEM provides a unified view of your security status, leading to enhanced responsiveness and protection in case of cyberattacks.

Originating in a freeware project, Prelude SIEM offers open-source excellence in terms of quality and performance. Its “look & feel“ configurable and customizable interfaces make it possible to rationalize and facilitate the work of its operators. Its alert, archiving, analysis and administration modules meet the most exacting security requirements.

Prelude SIEM allows you to:


  • monitor your security status and any attempts at intrusion you may sustain.
  • rapidly and efficiently analyze the cause of an alert in order to act accordingly.
  • search, investigate, compare and correlate in order to identify the most discreet threats.
  • keep records of your systems while ensuring their integrity.
  • design and publish technical or functional reports in different formats.

Supervising the performance of your IS

Vigilo NMS

As a complement to Prelude SM, CS GROUP offers a complete performance supervision solution: Vigilo NMS. This complementarity ensures the convergence between NOCs (Network Operation Centers) and SOCs (Security Operation Centers). It allows resources to be mutualized (level 1) and ensures effective active defense.


Vigilo NMS offers, based on several recognized open-source components, a complete, exacting solution for the supervision of your IS performance.

Vigilo NMS allows you to:

  • monitor the health of your IS in real time (network, equipment, systems and applications)
  • rapidly and efficiently analyze the cause of an incident in order to act accordingly
  • search, investigate, compare and correlate in order to identify the causes of a malfunction or to anticipate it
  • store and index metrology feedback for trend analysis and reporting
  • organize your operational teams depending on their scope of action thanks to highly detailed management of access privileges
  • roll out your supervision system on distributed and/or hierarchical architectures around the Vigilo bus
  • design and publish technical or functional reports in different formats

Converging SI supervisions

Unity 360

CS GROUP has constructed the framework required for the simultaneous use of Prelude SIEM and Vigilo NMS: the Unity 360 pack. The convergence of the two tools allows you to have a non-compartmentalized view of your IS supervision, bringing together security, performance and availability.

Unity 360 strengthens the efficiency of the entire system while reducing operating costs.

Unity 360 allows you to:

  • rationalize your costs in terms of product licenses via attractive mutualized solutions
  • use alert and alarm monitoring interfaces that share the same techniques and look-and-feel
  • enjoy the availability of cross-functional modules: inventory management, ticket management, reporting tools
  • use a shared portal for both applications
  • enjoy the direct availability of general information to improve the contextualization of incidents, remove interpretation errors, and control the complete processing chain
  • have the two applications communicate with one another and share notifications

Cybersecurity of systems of vital importance

Securitization of operating systems

Faced with constantly evolving threats, and consequently the introduction of new vulnerabilities, Information Systems (SIs) have to ensure that their maximum level of security is maintained over time. The response involves guaranteeing best practices within organizations and implementing appropriate management processes.

MCS by CS GROUP, a cyberdefense component optimized by our SEDUCS solution, makes it possible to deploy an IS Operational Security Center in order to monitor security status throughout the system’s life cycle: monitoring & analysis, customized processing of vulnerability, and remediation procedures.

The SEDUCS solution

CS GROUP has developed SEDUCS, a hardened Operating System based on an open-source core, compatible with major distributions (Red Hat, Suse, Debian, Gentoo, etc.).


It allows:

  • the industrialization of processes
  • reduction of production and maintenance costs
  • optimization of Security Maintenance procedures

A complete range of trusted services

The Trusty range

The France cybersecurity label

Confirming our status as a major French player in the field of cybersecurity and confirming the relevance of our solutions, CS GROUP has been awarded the France Cybersecurity label. This label is awarded by a high-level commission comprising institutions, industrial actors and users.

The “France Cybersecurity” label recognizes the quality of French cybersecurity solutions in order to enhance their visibility on the global stage.


Web Administration

This allows the simplified integration of trust services and provides a single interface for the operator, the auditor and the administrator. All actions are traceable and audited.


Secure date stamping

TrustyTime generates a token containing a reliable date, endorsed by a digital signature from a recognized person of authority. Qualification eIDAS/RGS.


Digital vault

Secure protection of sensitive documents, long-term proof of integrity (tens of years).


ID management

Certification authority, certificate generation. Full management of the life cycle of keys and certificates. High levels of performance, availability and security.

TrustyServer Sign

Electronic signature

A centralized signature and verification solution. Guarantees the integrity of an electronic document and authenticates its signatory.

Visit the website dedicated to our Trusty range!

"Post-Quantum Ready": new-gen cryptography

CS GROUP has integrated Post-Quantum cryptography into its Trusty range in collaboration with French academic labs involved in the “RISQ” project, which aims to update current asymmetrical algorithms that are seen as vulnerable to attack from future quantum computers.

In the framework of this collaboration between the Defense & Public Security sector and French research labsl, CS GROUP is taking part in the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography competition by submitting the Post Quantum cryptographic algorithm GeMSS.

CS GROUP is thus preparing for the forthcoming cryptographic transition made necessary by the definition of new NIST standards by 2022, in order to support our clients and partners in a safer digital world.

To find out more, visit the risq.fr website


Secure Cloud Migration


CS GROUP has developed SafeScale, a multi-cloud open source management platform that allows a step-by-step approach to secure Cloud migration.

SafeScale is an on-line command tool (in the spirit of DevOps) that makes it possible to easily automate the creation of secure turnkey IT platforms (with orchestrated processing resources, BigData or AI frameworks, etc.), and to extend and reduce them according to requirements.

SafeScale also makes it possible to optimize costs via a FinOps approach. The innovative aspect of SafeScale platforms lies in their ability to offer an solution that is cloud provider-agnostic, which means that the IT environment can be easily hybridized for enhanced agility between internal infrastructure and any existing cloud environment.

SafeScale offers an API and a CLI tool to deploy versatile processing clusters covering several clouds. These APIs and CLIs are divided into 3 service strata:

  • SafeScale Infra to manage Cloud infrastructure
  • SafeScale platform to manage cloud computing platforms (alias clusters)
  • SafeScale Security to securitize user environments