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Audit, consulting and support

A response to all your consulting needs across the entire IT spectrum

A comprehensive offering and top-quality support

CS GROUP provides information security consulting services ranging from corporate strategy and governance to risk management and compliance.


CS GROUP provides information security audits and assessments. Thanks to our various certifications and qualifications, we can carry out your:

Maturity/compliance audits (ISO 27001, RGS, NIS 2, LPM, DORA)

ISO 27001 : sets out the requirements for information security management.

GSR : General Security Reference is a set of regulations applicable to public administrations.
in their dealings with constituents and with each other.

The NIS 2 Directive A European directive due to come into force in the last quarter of 2024, designed to strengthen the information systems of European companies.

LPM : Military Planning Law

DORA : Digital Operational Resilience Act, a European regulation designed to guarantee the IT operational resilience of players in the financial sector.

Risk analysis (ISO 27005, EBIOS & EBIOS RM)

ISO 27005 : covers best practices for risk management.

EBIOS & EBIOS RM : risk analysis method maintained by ANSSI.

Organizational audits (PASSI)

The PASSI qualification attests to the holder’s compliance with:
– contractual aspects, legislation and regulations, and impartiality
– information protection (at the Restricted Distribution level)
– quality and security requirements for its audit processes
– the competence of its auditors for qualified activities

CS GROUP guarantees services for the entire value chain:

Strategy, GRC, Regulations, Technical audit, Training & awareness, Assistance & operational safety


Our consultants work with our customers to define an effective cybersecurity roadmap that is continually adapted, aligned with cyber risks and regulatory issues. This helps develop the organization’s cybersecurity culture and maturity.

Protect data,
Protect application,
Protect connectivity,
Trusted services


Our architects and technical experts deploy strategies and solutions to protect information systems, in environments secured according to best practices, to reinforce cyber-resilience, both in anticipation and in reaction.

Detection, Response,
Vulnerability management,
System certification

Detect & Respond

Our technical experts are involved in the entire defense chain, from the detection of vulnerabilities and security incidents to the response, in order to constantly adapt the defense strategy to the actual threat.

Update on the NIS2 directive

«The Network and Information Security 2 (NIS 2) Directive, the successor to the NIS 1 Directive, aims to harmonize cybersecurity regulations within the European Union. The main aim is to ensure enhanced security for critical information systems and digital services by establishing a robust regulatory framework.» ANSSI (French Cybersecurity Agency).

Many companies in the European Union are facing the challenge of complying with the NIS2 directive, aimed at strengthening the resilience of critical sectors and digital service providers. As part of its drive to remain innovative in a rapidly evolving sector, CS GROUP is preparing to meet your compliance needs in response to the challenges posed by the NIS2 directive.

Every company is unique, and so is our approach to compliance. CS GROUP designs tailor-made solutions, aligned with the specifics of your industry and IT infrastructure. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and ensure optimal compliance.