The challenge of expertise

Whether it be for the integration of solutions bought on the market, Open Source solutions, one’s own solutions or specific development, CS Novidy’s is able to respond.


Expertise consolidated by many years’ experience in the field allows our teams to be highly sensitive to our clients’ core needs and to enable them to benefit from feedback from our experts.


The true challenge of expertise is being able to use it!

We don’t hold back our teams. We offer them the opportunity to reflect and communicate with you in order to find the most appropriate solution to your needs.


This is how we create added value. The best solutions are not in catalogues or on shelves: they lie in productive exchange and intelligent project design.


The CS Novidy’s teams work on three phrases of your projects – Think, Build and Run.

Skills areas:

  • Perimeter and data center security,
  • Design and rollout of IS IV,
  • Segmentation and access control,
  • LAN / WAN / WIFI,
  • Protection of Endpoint (EPP, EDR, etc.),
  • Design of high-performance, secure infrastructures adapted to remote working,
  • Virtualization, DevSecOps,
  • Secure privileged access,
  • Workstation security,
  • VPN networks,
  • Encryption / Authentication / PKI,
  • Cloud and security.

Integration :

  • Design,
  • Turnkey rollout,
  • Project management.

Last but not least, in addition to several integration solutions for which we possess extensive expertise and experience, CS Novidy’s offers several “sovereign” packaged solutions developed and managed by our Products division:

  • SIEM tool: PRELUDE,
  • Supervision tool: VIGILO,
  • Hardened OS: SEDUCS,
  • E-Signature, Vault: TRUSTY PKI.

Our Cybersecurity Products

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