Tactical Data Links

Interoperability for fast and efficient decision making

Tactical Data Links major player

Since its creation, CS GROUP via its brand DIGINEXT has set itself up in the role of an actual center of excellence for NATO Tactical Data Links (L11, L11B, L16, JREAP, L22 and VMF) but also National Tactical Data Links (such as Link H for French Armed Forces).

Being the long-term and preferred partner of NCIA, main NATO countries government and the French one, CS GROUP has also become known throughout the international community as the golden standard for the provision of products to be used for simulation, test and training environments.

Such a success has been reached thanks to both a top of the range expertise that is materialized by a team of acknowledged specialists in the field of combat management systems and Network Centric Warfare (NCW) operations, and an offering founded on off-the-shelves products.

Tactical Data Links (TDL) capability is now compulsory in any modern conflict as force multiplier to act in a joint contexts. The network centric approach enables the platforms already to share tactical data information and tomorrow even to share the features’ platforms.


Today’s installed customer base is spreading across 20+ nations and NATO agencies with hundreds of systems being in service to support high-profile space, air, sea and land defence programs.

Data Link Operations

Tactical C2 system & gateway


Stand-alone or adjunctive multilink Command & Control system for joint and combined operations.


Airborne, surface and ground communication node for beyond-line-of-sight data exchange via JREAP.


Real-time multiprotocol translator for interoperability amongst legacy, national and coalition data link networks.

TTU (Terminal Transportable Unit)

All-in-one fixed or mobile rack for housing and operation of Link 16 and Link 22 communication equipment.

Network monitoring & management tool

NMM (Network Management and Monitoring)

Multilink monitoring and management solution to prepare, establish, evaluate and reconfigure actual live networks.


Data link processing & forwarding software


Standards-compliant multilink engine for implementing network-enabled capabilities into military platforms.

Data Link Simulation

Multilink-enabled simulations for Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training applications. CS GROUP’s capabilities provide unprecedented training flexibility for the warfighters to practice capabilities, tactics and procedures collectively within realistic, cost effective and safe environments.

Tactical environment generation

Direct CGF-TDL

Next generation Computer Generated Forces (CGF) software providing real-life battlespace scenarios that include blue and red forces, platforms with their models and behaviours, data link capabilities as well as environment and terrain services.

Network emulation


High-fidelity simulation of multiple Link 16 and Link 22 terminal operations and network behaviours.  

Data link simulation


First-to-market multilink processor for seamless integration of data link capabilities with third-party constructive and virtual simulation systems.


Interoperability gateway

Communication backbone for situational awareness data to be disseminated across LVC environments and simulation players to work together with real-world assets.



Data Link Testing & Evaluation

Multilink simulation & test tools


The golden reference data link verification and validation tool for assuring conformance to standards and interoperability of platforms’ implementations through-life.


With the largest footprint over the NATO community and partner nations, TACTX2 remains unrivalled in its ability to support the latest data link standards, realistic scenario generation, automated scripting as well as real-time and post-test message analysis.