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Clusster is a co-funded project by BPI-France, started in April 2023 with a duration of 36 months and gathering 10 partners: Atos (Prime), CS GROUP, GENCI, CEA, IDRIS – Centre national de la recherche scientifique, Inria, Bpifrance, OVHcloud, Hubblo, Qarnot, and ActiveEon.

Clusster aims to strengthen the French and European cloud industry by creating a single point of entry for the entire French academic and industrial community to a set of sovereign infrastructures and services.

In an IaaS approach, this sovereign, secure, unified and scalable system will initially aim to meet needs in AI and will then be extended to cover the fields of HPC and Quantics calculation.

CS GROUP is involved in the “EaaS (Expertise as a Service)” part, for a vertical offer of services and expertise in the space domain. CS GROUP will bring its know-how in consulting, software development and systems integration. CS GROUP is positioned to provide a complete and fully integrated digital platform, a “platform as a service” (PaaS) solution for data processing and analysis, interoperable and open-source, for public and private research communities.