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The eVACUATE project

eVACUATE, as its name properly delineates, is a project focused on addressing citizen safety during complex evacuation processes following normal and abnormal events through the creation of a holistic system able to identify, designate, and sustain a dynamic active evacuation route under any circumstances.

eVACUATE is developing the intelligent fusion of sensors, geospatial and contextual information, with advanced multi-scale crowd behaviour detection and recognition. The structured fusion of sensing information with dynamic estimated uncertainties on behaviour predictions will provide eVACUATE with better understanding on crowd dynamic models, as well as on virtual reality simulations of crowds in confined environments.

Thanks to the CRIMSON and Inscape products, CS GROUP is in charge of the 3D COP (Common Operational Picture) and simulation subsystems, respectively. Therefore, CS GROUP is managing the specification and design of these subsystems, the implementation of its 3D environment service and its visualisation, the interoperability modules as well as the scenario editor. These subsystems represent the main part of the user interface, involving CS GROUP in the analysis of the end user requirements, the definition of scenarios and the validation phases.

In the frame of the eVACUATE project, CRIMSON and Inscape have been deployed into four pilot sites: the Anoeta stadium in San Sebastián, the Bilbao subway, the Athens International Airport and STX cruise ships.

Website: evacuate.eu