R&D projects

A strong commitment to the largest French and European R&D projects

The INDIGO project

The INDIGO project focused on the research, development, and validation of an innovative system which integrates the latest advances in Virtual Reality and Simulation in order to homogenise and enhance both the operational preparedness and the management of an actual complex crisis.

This system, based on DIGINEXT’s VirtualGeo and Inscape products, the Defense & Public Security brand of CS GROUP, enables first-responders, decision makers, and policy makers to better prepare and manage a crisis, real or simulated. These innovative tools featuring a 2D/3D Common Operational Picture and enhanced collaborative tools will prove essential for training personnel and planning operations.

INDIGO gave rise to CRIMSON, a sense making solution supporting the chain of commandment and the first-responders during crisis and security operations, facilitating crisis management and co-operation across organisations and nations.