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The MaTHiSiS project

The essence of the MaTHiSiS project is to create an ecosystem to assist learners in the general acquisition education as well as learners with mental difficulties. Robots able to interact with learners, mobile devices and interactive blackboards are just some examples of the platforms proposed by MaTHiSiS.

MaTHiSiS is an educational platform providing every type of learner, in every type of setting, on the device they have at their disposal, with a bespoke, individualised learning experience that is adapted to their personal requirements.

MaTHiSiS is going beyond the existing learning environments, to provide a universal learning approach from which new models of nonlinear learning schemes can be fostered in various contexts (formal, non-formal, and informal). MaTHiSiS works as a setting that accompanies learners, tutors, and caregivers through the learning process of people with or without special needs.