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The SafePASS project

Evacuating a large passenger ship is a safety-critical and strictly time-bound task and a complex decision-making process based on the evolving situation and the information available.
SafePASS will radically redefine the evacuation processes, evacuation systems/equipment and international regulations for passenger ships in all environments, hazards and weather conditions, independently of the demographic factor, by developing an integrated system, based on CS GROUP’s Crimson platform, that will collectively monitor, process and inform during emergencies both crew and passengers of the optimal evacuation routes, coupled with advanced, intuitive and easy to use Life Saving Appliances, resulting to a significant reduction of the total time required for ship evacuation and increased safety.

In SafePASS, CS GROUP is in charge of providing an holographic Common Operational Picture (COP) enabling the display of the fastest and safest evacuation routes for passengers, along with situational information, anywhere on the ship.