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The SnapEarth project

SnapEarth project is to foster the Market growth of COPERNICUS by instigating the development of new applications of Earth Observation and to develop general public awareness to EO (Earth Observation) data.
SnapEarth is to initiate the creation of a virtuous circle of innovation by providing to EO data users an innovative platform with leading edge EO segmented datasets, Neural Networks models and Cloud computing ecosystem.

Earth Observation (EO) satellite missions provide an unprecedented increase volume of data production leading to new capabilities to monitor & analyze the health of our planet. However, these massive volumes of data are complex to analyze and are not accessible. In fact:

  • EO Data access remains complicated due to heterogeneous and various data sources and data formats;
  • EO Data interpretation/semantization is a complex task requiring high level scientific skills;
  • Processing of this voluminous data requires high-performance computing centres;
  • EO data correlation with other business domain is difficult because EO data is not indexed by general purpose search engines.

To address these issues, SNAPEARTH offers:

  • a one-stop-shop solution;
  • a semantized EO database continuously updated;
  • a familiar entry point powered by QWANT search engine, to open up EO data to a wide audience;
  • and finally, the ability to process this EO data with the cloud. SNAPEARTH is proposing a Cloud agnostic solution, allowing a holistic access to any cloud provider including DIAS, the major cloud & European cloud providers.