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The VASCO project

The VASCO (Virtual Studio for Security Concepts and Operations) project has designed, implemented and evaluated an innovative IT tool that enables security professionals and administrators to jointly formulate, test, and adjust security concepts and measures in a virtual environment. This provides a cost-effective and risk-free environment, an evidence-based scenario with an all-risk approach for the protection of government buildings.

As a result of this heterogeneous use of the information, VASCO captures dynamic and visual reference scenarios created with the VASCO system. VASCO is based on VirtualGeo and Inscape, products created by CS GROUP, the first one providing a tool to create a complete virtual environment of the needed area, and the second one introducing dynamics, interactions, and equipments to this environment.

CS GROUP is the leader of this project, defining technical specifications, design, and implementation of the VASCO Framework, the integration of the technical results and the preparation of the commercial exploitation of VASCO. First try-outs of the system, planning and debriefing security threats and events, were done in Stockholm around an Embassy and in Leiden, on a 32 floor high building with detailed data of the whole area surrounding it. VASCO complements CRIMSON, DIGINEXT product, the Defense and Public Security brand of CS GROUP, for training and operational crisis management, as the mission planning subsystem.