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The ZONeSEC project

ZONeSEC focuses on addressing the needs for wide zone surveillance (from detection to alert) by defining a new European-wide framework. Driven by the need to yield a holistic and uniform approach, ZONeSEC redefines the issue of Security of wide zones by taking into consideration issues pertaining to costs, complexity, vulnerability, societal acceptance, and ethics. The Global Objective of ZONeSEC is to provide a complete solution for the protection of Wide zone infrastructures.

CS GROUP’s main role in the project consists on the 3D COP (Common Operational Picture) and the Simulation subsystems definition and management: design of these subsystems, implementation of the 3D environment service, visualization and interoperability modules as well as the scenario editor. ZONeSEC uses CRIMSON as its foundation, the crisis management software created by DIGINEXT, the Defense and Public Security brand of CS GROUP, which allows making the most out of existing COP tools and environments. The simulation part integrates the dynamic capacities of Inscape, a pertinent product not only for authoring 3D interactive scenarios but also useful as a dedicated simulation engine. The first version of the ZONeSEC system, including new kind of sensors, has been deployed in real conditions in the critical infrastructures and at the control centre ATTIKES DIADROMES, Athens’ highway administrator.

Website: zonesec.eu