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Space Segment

The brains of space vehicles

With twenty years of existence in the field, CS GROUP is recognized for its expertise in real-time architectures for On-Board Software, the core of the space segment. The associated skills are dedicated to solving the challenges involved in the creation of space vehicles, from satellites to nano-satellites, including rovers and equipment or instruments for manned space missions.

Its technical and operational capacities are made available to the main space prime contractors such as CNES, AIRBUS DS, THALES ALENIA SPACE, ESA, HEMERIA, as well as leading equipment manufacturers. They are evolving by integrating new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, already proven for ground data processing, to meet new needs linked to the current increase in the performance of space equipment.

A core business: critical spatial software development

CS GROUP’s expertise enables it to take on numerous missions, such as:

  • The definition and development of On-Board Software,
  • The definition of frameworks for On-Board Software,
  • The definition, production and maintenance of OBSW validation means.

For the Myriade mini-satellite family, CS GROUP has developed the entire platform OBSW for the 12 missions of this family since 2000. These achievements position CS GROUP in Europe as one of the main mid-caps in this field.

In addition to platform OBSW, CS GROUP also designs and develops software for equipment and instruments using state-of-the-art technologies. From the Atomic Clock software for PHARAO started in the 2000s to the Boot and Application software for FURYO, equipment that represents the very latest generation of Mass Memory, CS GROUP has been confronted with the most advanced Onboard and Real Time technologies at every moment: OS VxWorks on ERC32, RTEMS on LEON and ZYNQ targets, multi-core and hypervisor for the scientific instruments of the CEA…

Among the flagship projects implemented by CS GROUP are the following:

  • Participation in the development of the OBSW for the nanosatellite platform of the KINEIS constellation,
  • Central software for the Rover MMX for which CS GROUP was selected at the end of 2020,
  • Development of the PEPS framework for ESA whose aim is to propose a Software Execution Platform for Payload compliant with ESA's OSRA reference architecture,
  • Development of the LVCUGEN, the execution platform of CNES and the first to take this technology on board as a design authority, through the realization of the software of the Mass Storage equipment of the MERLIN mission,
  • Maintenance for the OBSW platform MOCROCARB,
  • Production of OBSW for the CNES balloon family.

Roadmap R&D Space Segment

It is also important to note that, in addition to its own R&D program in the space segment, CS GROUP actively participates in many actions of the CNES “Research & Technology” program by providing co-financing.

These R&Ts cover a wide range of topics, covering the problems of the space segment, from the evaluation of On Board Control Procedures to the implementation of On-Board Link Security according to the CCSDS standard within the framework of NewSpace applications.


CS GROUP at the service of the space segment

CS GROUP clearly states its ambition to cover an ever-growing field of applications in order to provide its expertise and know-how in all emerging fields of interest to the Space Segment. One of these exciting fields is the field of Artificial Intelligence and all the challenges that this technology brings for its reliable use on board.

It is by mobilising all its resources in the space field that the Space Segment activity can offer skills in fields as varied as on-board image processing with or without AI, increasing on-board autonomy and SCAO or the use of Model Based Engineering technologies.

CS GROUP is determined to become a major player in all areas of simulation. This ambition is legitimized by its expertise in system simulation and its ability to design and build complex software test benches. Its know-how, coupled with the system simulation capabilities and technologies offered by CCNODE (EGSE monitoring), enables CS GROUP to cover all simulation needs.