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Your career with us

Build your future. Fulfil your ambitions.

Welcome to CS GROUP!

As soon as you arrive at CS GROUP you’ll have the opportunity to reveal your personality, so make the most of these first months to get fully involved and share your creativity as you discover our organisation and constructively observe how it works.

Feel free to share your vision with the whole organisation: it’s a unique opportunity!

You’ve just joined CS GROUP.
You’re about to discover a company that is unlike any other:

  • The unique innovative culture of a mid-sized organisation focused on high-growth sectors in France and abroad
  • Client-centred values and unrivalled technical expertise applied to exciting projects that are new to the market
  • Strong human values fostering the development of all kinds of talents
  • A structured, agile and resilient organisation whose driving force is teamwork
  • A caring organisation (disability awareness, environmental responsibility, social responsibility).

Now you’re ready to help us to achieve our shared ambitions.

During your first months with us, your manager and the HR team will be there to support you and help you to improve your knowledge of CS GROUP. You will also gain an insight into our business environment and understand its challenges. You’ll have a chance to meet people who work with us, making our culture your own and building a robust network.

Olivier Sonneville,
HR Director, CS GROUP

A well-adapted working environment

CS GROUP cares about staff wellbeing and is committed to providing a working environment adapted to the needs of each employee.

CS GROUP offers teleworking a a way of maintaining the perfect work-life balance:

  • We provide the necessary equipment (computer, mobile phone, etc.)
  • Compensation for regular teleworking
  • Help with installation costs for regular teleworking
  • Lunch benefits on remote working days

Ambitious? We are, too!

Your career began with your first job and will continue to move forward in line with your goals. At CS GROUP, we provide personalised support and career development opportunities tailored to your skills, your expertise, your location, etc.

As an engaged employer, CS GROUP supports its employees throughout their careers. All our training and technical/core business pathways ensure robust skills development and provide genuine career growth opportunities.

CS GROUP helps employees to build and develop their skillsets via an innovative training programme.


of training in 2021






An in-house programme focusing on our technical expertise, enhancing staff loyalty by reinforcing the ‘One CS GROUP’ spirit and creating an atmosphere of friendly rivalry

CS GROUP has two certified expert networks:

Project management

Architects & Experts

Honing skills, sharing best practices, developing excellence in project management and systems and software architecture: these are the challenges the group must embrace in order to ensure its success.

To support its employees in this regard, CS GROUP has set up dedicated expert training programmes including a certification process to validate what has been learned and to share our expertise with all our staff.

“45 MN INSPIR’” innovation talks

To promote our technical expertise, CS GROUP organises innovation mini-seminars titled “45 MN INSPIR’”. These short on-line talks deal with a range of subjects (AI, Data Intelligence, Cybersecurity and so on), making it possible for all our employees to benefit from our skills and expertise.

Sharing and interaction are two keys to the strength and success of CS GROUP!


An enriching new experience!

At CS GROUP we foster mobility by offering simple, rapid access to an international platform centralising all our in-house opportunities.

A bi-monthly careers committee facilitates inter-departmental career pathways.

Whether on an ad hoc basis (as part of a project, a secondment, etc.) or on a permanent basis, we encourage career mobility by promoting hybrid work practices: out-of-office coworking spaces, remote teamwork (when your team is in one location but you work from another), etc. There are many ways to meet your needs.