CS GROUP is pleased to support a team of 4 students: Domitille, Jeanne, Pierre-Alexis and Jean-Baptiste, highly motivated and full of ambition, to sail aboard their sailboat Goustan for 9 months!

The goal? A circumnavigation of the Atlantic to promote access to energy in the most isolated regions.

To accomplish their project, they have 3 missions:

● The Siwo mission in Senegal:
Electrification of a teacher’s house in a school in the village of Siwo, which is still cut off from the national electricity network.

● The Haiti mission:
Routing of material, recovered in Guadeloupe, for an orphanage held by a community of nuns.

● The scientific mission :
Taking samples from the ocean for laboratories and companies to help researchers better understand the ocean system and its evolution.

We will give you regular news about our 4 outstanding sailors. You can also follow them through their blog: http://ow.ly/tSfL50GaA83

We wish them a good start and a safe journey!

Ecole Centrale de Marseille