CS GROUP with the French Air and Space Force during the tri-national exercise ATLANTIC TRIDENT

CS GROUP is proud to support French Air and Space Force during the tri-nations exercise ATLANTIC TRIDENT (17th to 28th of May 2021 on Mont de Marsan Airbase).

ATLANTIC TRIDENT involved up to 60 US, UK and French aircrafts (RAFALE, F35A/B, TYPHOON, M2000, E-3F/D, A400M, PHENIX, SCRIBE EW, CARACAL…), supported by the French C2 chain, demonstrating a very high-leveled interoperability among those three nations.

Our LVC16 training solution « JEANNETTE » (Live, Virtual and Constructive Link16), manned by AWC/DMOC operators (Airboss, RTO and GCI), has successfully provided to participants a high valuable training service, ranging from online (LIVE) complex scenario animation, simulation provision and real time kill assessment process.

We really want to thank the French Air & Space Force for its confidence in our innovative LVC16 JEANNETTE training solution.

See also the digital booklet of the exercise on the Ministère des Armées : https://www.defense.gouv.fr/air/dossiers/atlantic-trident-2021/presentation